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Behind the façade of the art – deco – influenced exterior, lies a perfectly preserved and ultra – luxurious piece of Chanel history. The apartment, situated above the flagship boutique on Rue Cambon, remains exactly as Chanel left it. Today, just a restricted number of  VIP with a badge are permitted into the building.


In contrast to Coco’s personal space, the staircase had a heavy art- deco influence. It is still covered with cream carpet, while the walls are lined with panels of mirrors. During the fashion shows, which took place downstairs, Gabrielle Chanel would sit on the staircase. Thanks to the mirrors she could see everything taking place, but no one could see her. She wanted to know the immediate reaction, if the journalists and clients were pleased with the collection.

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She had this chandelier custom made. Can you see the iconic 5’s?

ritoccochanel 11 600x830 31 RUE CAMBON

The clear table in the picture below was the first piece of merchandising furniture for Chanel. Coco asked the designer to do something very clean and very simple to have all the costume jewelry, make-up, skincare, and perfume merchandised. It was to enhance the beauty of the product. At the time, it was very clever as she was one of the first to do this.

ritoccata coco apartment closet 023 2 31 RUE CAMBON

1 15 2012 2 47 31 pm 31 RUE CAMBON

“An Interior is the natural projection of the soul and Balzac was right to give as much importance to it, as to the way people dress…”, she once confided to biographer Paul Morland.

coco apartment closet 027 2 600x741 31 RUE CAMBON

The entrance to Coco’s apartment where an original work-chair is still where she left it. Lower chairs were used for fittings as it was easier to sew and work with the fabric closer  to the ground.

2 table basse ritoccata11 31 RUE CAMBON

coco chanels luxurious paris apartment 101 31 RUE CAMBON

The octagonal shape of the mirror on the wall was the inspiration for the cap of CHANEL No.5. It is also the same shape of the iconic Place Vendome, which Coco could see out of her window of her residence at the Ritz Hotel.

coco chanels apartment boxes 600x450 31 RUE CAMBON

The gold boxes on the coffee table were a gift from the Duke of Westminster.

ritoccata chanel4 31 RUE CAMBON

A small herd of carved wood deer silently occupy the space...

ritoccata coco chanels luxurious paris apartment 6 31 RUE CAMBON

The scale of the chandeliers, the coromandel screens, the mirrors: all reflected her intrepid personality. Coco had an eclectic mix of decor. French classic furniture, antiquities, Italian influences and Japanese deers. At the time, it was really exceptional to mix Orient and Occident- when East meets West.

1 15 2012 2 39 37 pm 600x398 31 RUE CAMBON

Above and below: a Greek statue over the fireplace’s mantle.

chanel house and garden archives 71 31 RUE CAMBON

The desk where Coco sketched her creations on paper.

coco apartment closet 009 2 31 RUE CAMBON

All of Coco’s books have deep red tones. Just like the iconic lipstick and the inside lining of the bags she created.

coco apartment closet 002 2 600x434 31 RUE CAMBON

Coco was very superstitious. Elements of this can be seen all over her apartment with sculptures of different animals and religious artifacts. She wanted to feel protected at all times. Chanel was a Leo and she incorporated its symbol, the Lion, into her personal space.

1 15 2012 2 41 37 pm 1 600x397 31 RUE CAMBON

The pig keeper of silver and gems may have been found by Chanel at a flea market.

1 15 2012 2 39 11 pm 600x398 31 RUE CAMBON

chanel house and garden archives 3 31 RUE CAMBON

Chanel considered wheat to be her lucky charm… it glints in gold on the book bindings of the Old Testament.

coco chanel home accessories 31 RUE CAMBON

This tiny birdcage was a present from a retiring employee and was the inspiration  for the 1992 Coco perfume campaign, starring Vanessa Paradis, that was set in the Chanel apartment on Rue Cambon.

screen shot 2013 02 25 at 6 47 34 pm 600x757 31 RUE CAMBON

The ornate Chinese screens and wall panels feature coromandel birds and camelia flowers, which came to be a signature for the Chanel fashion house that continues to be used to this day. It symbolized purity and longevity in Asia and was very prevalent in her designs.

coco chanels luxurious paris apartment 8 600x800 31 RUE CAMBON

The Salon where Chanel entertained her guests including Elizabeth Taylor, Pablo Picasso, Igor Stravinsky and Salvador Dali. She is said to have hated doors and obscured them with Chinese screens.

ritocco coco chanels luxurious paris apartment 600x444 31 RUE CAMBON

Chanel herself designed this long, sensuous sofa in the salon at 31 Rue Cambon. It was important to her that it was comfortable, and she took the unusual decision to have it made in suede, rather than silk or velvet. It was very cutting edge. An entire wall of leather bound books. Beige, brown and fawn colors are accented with black and crystal.

1 15 2012 2 48 32 pm 31 RUE CAMBON

The open mouth of a frog brings love, luck, money and health. If you look closely you can see a crystal placed in its mouth. Once, while Givenchy sat in the drawing room, a piece of crystal fell from the chandelier. He placed it in the mouth of the frog and it was never removed.

chanel1 600x562 31 RUE CAMBON

Coco was photographed many times in this iconic white chair.


A French trumeau over the fireplace, flanked on either side by Spanish vestry mirrors, crystal laden table lamps, and large rock crystal chandelier bejewel the main salon

coco chanels luxurious paris apartment 7 600x807 31 RUE CAMBON

Mirrors were designed to be octagonal in shape. The top of the two tables below are black lacquer but were originally marble. Gabrielle Chanel wanted to take off the marble and have the black lacquer. It may remind you of CHANEL’s make-up-black lacquer with the logo on top.

coco chanels luxurious paris apartment 5 600x450 31 RUE CAMBON

This hand sculpture was made for Chanel by the Italian artist Alberto Giacometti.

1 15 2012 2 51 25 pm 31 RUE CAMBON

screen shot 2013 02 25 at 5 51 58 pm 31 RUE CAMBON

lanvin2 31 RUE CAMBON

Coco’s trademark black-and-white allover aesthetic.

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