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    Silvana de Berardinis

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  2. I really love the encaustic tiles in the UK Farmhouse. Can you tell me where I can purchase them?
    Thank you, Lynne

  3. Hi,

    I’m researching S&N typewriters while I search for the Electric model.

    As a collector of code & cypher systems, i acquired a 1944 Enigma of a very special type, it comes with printer ports & was used with S&N Electric typewriters – presumably two of them at once was possible. My aim is to exhibit the Enigma within the TNMOC museum (I am a volunteer there) & to have it regularly demonstrated.

    So, I take a lot of time searching for info & S&N Electric typewriters .. but eventually it will pay off.

    If you hear of things relating to the Electric, would you bear me in mind please?


    John Alexander

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