1830 5223 main f EVOCATIVE DECORS

The SNCF, the French national railroad, on the 16th of May quietly slipped into service the first of five suburban train sets operating between Paris and Versailles, its cars decorated with photographic reproductions of the domain’s most evocative decors.

1830 5225 main p EVOCATIVE DECORS

1830 5230 main p EVOCATIVE DECORS

Bright, airy,graphic and clever, the lighthearted interiors are a joint effort of the SNCF and the town and Château of Versailles. Once all five trains are in service on the RER C line, your chance of catching one is 1 to 5.

1830 5228 main p EVOCATIVE DECORS

Whether you ride beneath the ceiling of Le Brun’s Galerie des glaces or no, the trip to Versailles sure beats sitting in a wooden box held on sprung steel straps straddling a fixed undercarriage rolling with steel-banded wheels over unpaved dirt roads. In short, you ride better than a king.

1830 5224 main p EVOCATIVE DECORS

1830 5229 main p EVOCATIVE DECORS

All images are from  France Today online.





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