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My journey to  Amsterdam was exciting. This old lady is very intriguing with its impressive architecture, lovely canals crossing the city, great shopping, and friendly people. I spent a week going around as much as possible. There is something for every traveller’s taste here, whether you prefer culture and history, serious partying, or just the relaxing charm of a classic European city. In the South district you find the Museum Quarter and the Vondelpark, the most popular park here. I was walking around the park, when I found this fantastic frame (here below) . How can people throw away such lovely things! Without hesitation, I picked it up and it was a real challenge to go through custom to bring it to Italy. Once at the Eindhoven Airport, it was like smuggling hot stuff.

screen shot 2013 02 01 at 7 07 21 pm 600x7801 THE FRAMED STORY


screen shot 2013 02 01 at 7 09 14 pm 600x801 THE FRAMED STORY


screen shot 2013 02 01 at 7 10 28 pm 600x792 THE FRAMED STORY


screen shot 2013 02 01 at 7 06 18 pm 600x782 THE FRAMED STORY

This kind of ornate antique frames are not usually made of carved wood. Instead, the frames have a wooden base with an ornate plaster veneer added to the top of the wood. The finish is then added to the entire frame so it appears to be a single carved piece.

screen shot 2013 02 01 at 7 09 55 pm 600x767 THE FRAMED STORY

Step 1

Press plastic clay into an undamaged section of the frame that matches the damaged section. Carefully peel the clay off the frame and roll the edges so that it will hold liquid plaster. The purpose of this step is to make a mold.

screen shot 2013 02 01 at 7 19 22 pm 600x444 THE FRAMED STORY

Step 2

Mix the plaster and pour it into the mold carefully trying to avoid air bubbles. Let it dry and then remove it from the mold. You now have a duplicate of the detail that was damaged.

Step 3

Sand the rough edges and the excess of the casting until the pieces fits into the spot that was damaged.

screen shot 2013 02 01 at 7 18 58 pm 600x447 THE FRAMED STORY

Step 4

Paint the entire piece of plaster with gesso. This will seal it and prepare it for the final finish.

Step 5

Glue your plaster segment into place.

p1120277 600x450 THE FRAMED STORY

Step 6

Paint or gild your final finish so that the new segment matches the original color and finish. Now the frame is finished and ready to be rehung!!!!

frame ii 600x450 THE FRAMED STORY

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