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I try to distill the natural comfort and easy charm we can find in all aspects of country living and in every room – from the kitchen to the bedroom –  I translate these particular elements into their own setting. When people say “I feel comfortable”, in many contexts the phrase is actually a synonym for feeling “at home”. Home is an intimate and personal space and should never be a place for showing off but rather one where objects are relevant to the sense of comfort and inner order of its owners.

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It may seem this is rather old-fashioned way of thinking, but it is this sort of  approach that, in the end, makes home a comfortable and warm place.

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I am convinced that is possible to create a beautiful home on a budget. Inexpensive home decorating allows you to pay attention to every room in your house while infusing the space with your personal style.

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Planning, for me, is the most important part: I usually make a mind-list of what my dream room would look like and what the are its problems and limitations. This helps to give me a design direction which aims to the biggest impact through my decor.

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Furniture is the expensive bit in a room. Most of the times I shop around garage sales, second-hand shops, flea markets but I also recycle old family things. Recycling is  my real passion: as you can see up here, this old cupboard has been waxed and fully lined with paper of Florence. In order to give a romantic and retrò touch to this furniture I fixed an old lace inside. On the top I placed our garden hydrangeas and an art noveau decor recovered from a cabinet disposed.

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