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screen shot 2013 04 27 at 4 37 33 pm 600x375 UK FARMHOUSE

This is a farmhouse in Mill Road, West Sussex. It is a beautiful photographic house inspiring lifestyle locations to the film/TV and photographic industry. Just look at the details: kitchen shelving made from reclaimed fence boards, cabinets worthy of the Dutch reclamation expert Piet Hein Eek, a bed canopy made from a length of vintage fabric. Lots of good ideas to steal.

 uk diy house 5 600x479 UK FARMHOUSE

Above: Encaustic tiles set into a frame create an instant backsplash.

uk diy house 7 600x472 UK FARMHOUSE

Above: The kitchen cabinetry is made entirely from reclaimed wood.

uk diy house 6 UK FARMHOUSE

Above: A reclaimed wall light illuminates a corner of the kitchen.

screen shot 2013 04 27 at 4 33 49 pm 600x338 UK FARMHOUSE

uk diy sink 2 UK FARMHOUSE

Above: In the bath, cabinetry from reclaimed wood contrasts with white-painted floors.

uk diy house bathroom UK FARMHOUSE

Above: A handmade curtain obscures the under-sink storage area.

700 uk diy house 21 600x437 UK FARMHOUSE

Above: A length of fabric creates an instant bed canopy.

uk diy house 3 UK FARMHOUSE

Above: Wooden dowels suspended from the ceiling creates a frame for the canopy.

screen shot 2013 04 27 at 4 37 00 pm 600x745 UK FARMHOUSE

screen shot 2013 04 27 at 4 35 39 pm 600x336 UK FARMHOUSE

Above: In a guest bedroom, a headboard is formed from reclaimed doors.

700 uk diy house 1 600x373 UK FARMHOUSE


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