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Waiting for some friends, I welcome you to my home in Milan. This is the dining room. When we rented it two years ago, it was completely empty. The old chestnut worktable, the straw chairs of a restaurant, the tavern counter, the yellow blu baroque armchair in velvet are the result of intensive research in flea markets. What gave me more satisfaction was the complete restoration by myself.

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Telling the story of our home is like telling a story of love. It’s never trivial but always full of passion and personality. Small gestures, daily deeds that are there to stay forever. Creativity has to come from your heart. To create a room is like staging a bit of ourselves.

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When I found this counter, it was love at first sight. It was covered in dust and spider webs and completely battered. Inside it was full of bugs and moss. Keylocks were broken or missing. In one word: it was ready for Halloween.

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This 50′s baroque armchair seat’s was torn apart when I initially bought it for 50 euros. After cleaning it, I intervened surgically with a mattress’ needle and thread, stitching it all together. I struggle a bit to mend it because of the thick fabric and I could not use the thimble.

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A classic “osteria” counter wouldn’t be such without an old collection of liter, half-liter and 1/4 liter thick carafes, sealed by the typical State lead bullet that was once used to guarantee the precise capacity of each glass.

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I added three “diamond” bar mirrors which I found in an antique shop in Piemonte, in order to make the room look larger and brighter.

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To give further light to the room I also placed some old silverware. Some of these precious pieces were engraved by my grandfather who was working on behalf of the Royal Savoia family.

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I decorated with cream and green Florence’s papers every cupboard’s compartment, so that I could then place my ceramics, crystal vases and silverware.

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I enjoy taking care of my guests, cuddling them as much as possible.

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The walnut table has such a rich texture that covering it with a tablecloth would be a cardinal sin. I prefer to use some quilted american matts , fiandra towels, silverware, brass candleholders and a big tray at the center.

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This magnificent Italian Art Deco couple of hand-crafted pheasants is a 1940′s piece. The long-tailed gallinaceous birds are made of silver plated brass. They look like precious antiques and they add a touch of elegance to many decor. These sculptures are ideal as an ornament for a refined dinner table. Their look reminds me the post colonial Ralph Lauren’s style.

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